Some Deep Thoughts From Thomas

April 24, 2022

Planet Comicon Day Three

Well, another Comicon is in the books.   Today was a very short day for me, just a couple of hours, a few turns around the floor. I started off with an interview with Jon Robinson from Smallville Con in Hutchinson, I of course will be there a…

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April 23, 2022

Planet Comicon Day Two

So, Day Two,  Day two went pretty much like day one. Let's not mix hairs here, everyday at a comicon is pretty much the same as the one before just with different panels and throw in a different cosplayer or two. We went to the con at about 1…

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April 22, 2022

Planet Comicon Day One

I enjoyed today.  It started out with a trip on the KC Streetcar down to walking distance to the con, then a walk up hill to Bartle Hall.  Once we got there, we got our entry wristbands and my press pass (again, thanks Planet Comicon for…

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So, let's think about this. There have been three prequel series to the Original Star Trek series. Enterprise, Star Trek Discovery, and now Star Trek Strange New Worlds.  So how do you follow up on that? The three series made with modern styli…

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