April 22, 2022

Planet Comicon Day One

Planet Comicon Day One

I enjoyed today. 

It started out with a trip on the KC Streetcar down to walking distance to the con, then a walk up hill to Bartle Hall. 

Once we got there, we got our entry wristbands and my press pass (again, thanks Planet Comicon for the Pass. Thanks for supporting independent podcasters.) Anyway we went up the escalator to the con and walked around, we went from one end to the other, it still seems lighter than before the pandemic, but it could just be the perception of the Friday crowd.

Anyway we went down to Celebrity Row and saw that the line for WWE Legend Sargent Slaughter was very short, so we hopped on line. He was a very nice guy, we got our picture taken with him and I think we got our monies worth. 

We than walked around for awhile longer stopping and looking and taking pictures, we bought a toy for our dog and than after a couple of hours, we had our fill for today and went back down to the hotel for the night.  Check out the pictures on Instagram and Twitter.