April 24, 2022

Planet Comicon Day Three

Planet Comicon Day Three

Well, another Comicon is in the books.


Today was a very short day for me, just a couple of hours, a few turns around the floor. I started off with an interview with Jon Robinson from Smallville Con in Hutchinson, I of course will be there as it's kinda my local comicon and I have a table.

After that I walked around until I came across an old friend over at Rob Davis' table. I took some "B" role footage with my super tall tripod mast. 

After that, we walked around down some last minute shopping, nothing interested me this year. 

And than it was time to get on the road and head home. After all, I gotta get back to normal life.

So, how was the con this year? Pretty good. I think it isn't quite the same as it was pre pandemic, but nothing really is. It's still rebuilding, in fact they used wristbands from 2020 this year. I would have liked different guests, but guests are just what they can find and I would have liked more comic book vendors, but the pandemic might have put the kibosh on some of the old vendors.  I'll be back next year. March 17 - 19.