March 20, 2023

Planet Comicon 2023 Day Two and Wrapup

Planet Comicon 2023 Day Two and Wrapup

So we started Day Two by taking our time.

My wife and I had noooo agenda for Saturday, we got a lot done on Friday so this was going to be a more leisurly day.

Satuday's weather was not very good for leisure, it was just cold. Below freezing cold. Very unseasonable, so we decided to take an Uber to and from the convention center, we got a nice Lexus to pick us up and away we went. By the way, this is where I recommend getting a Pop Up Locker as you now have a great place to leave your coat.

We went in and wandered down to celebrity row to see if we could get Richard Dreyfuss or Cassandra Petersons' autograph only to be met by a ton of people. Huge, huge lines. We saw one of my old friends from my Starfleet International days and he said that he had already been waiting for around 2 hours and he wasn't even in spitting distance of the Academy Award-winning star, so we decided to look at that later. We did however go over to our only other autograph target that day, AEW Wrestler Jungle Boy Jack Perry. He was late, however, but we decided to wait and watch the people who were willing to pay seventy dollars to get Mercedes "Sasha Banks" Vornado's autograph. Frankly, as much as I would have liked to get her autograph, I think her price was too high. Maybe when you're in the Hall of Fame I might pay seventy. Oh well. We did learn however that the celebrity row for next year's 25th-anniversary show was going to be doubled. I think next year a fast pass might be in order.

We then walked around some more, stopped by Rick Stasi's table, and talked more about our future podcasting plans. (Big news soon forthcoming). We then messaged our good friend Andy to see where he was and find out where we could meet up with him.

He and his lady were down at the food trucks getting a bite to eat, so we waited for them and then talked. We joined Andy in a tour of the floor. Andy is always a good sherpa for finding good and interesting deals. However, soon. Sarah and I decided we'd have had enough. We went back and checked on Carl (He was still a ways away from Dreyfuss).

We went back to our hotel room, ordered a Pizza from Domino's and watched a classic movie, Doc Hollywood.

Sunday, we decided to skip going back to the con, we had gotten what we wanted and we were ready to head home.  

We will be back at next year.