March 17, 2023

Planet Comicon 2023 Day One

Well, we had a good day, despite the cold. We headed up to the con a little after it started at one, and got our tickets and my press pass. ( Great power, great responsibilities, etc.) We headed up to the Pop Up Lockers that we had rented a locker from for a couple of days so we had someplace to put on our coats. We made our way to the guests and got an interview with Comic Book Men and fellow podcaster Ming Chen, picked up autographs from Jeffery Kramer and Mary Gibbs, and waited in line for an autograph from William Daniels and his wife Bonnie Bartlett, they had to go to a panel so they gave everyone in line and skip to the front of the line IOU, so we walked the floor, stopped and talked to Rick Stasi and set up the bones of a new project between the two of us and after a while, stopped for some overpriced chicken tenders ($10) and a coke ($6) then made our way back to the autograph line to collect our autograph from the Daniels. Lovely old couple. We then headed back to the hotel. All and all a good day.