May 23, 2023

Zelda, Zelda, News, Zelda

Zelda, Zelda, News, Zelda
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Thomas takes a break from playing The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to lay out some news stories like The closing of Disney's Star Wars Hotel, The return of Loki, Futurama and What we do in the Shadows, and who's in the running for the role of the new movie Lois Lane. All that and more on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!

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Tonight! Loki arrives in time for Halloween, who’s in the running for Lois Lane, Disney abandons ship…hotel, and more returning geeky favorites. All that and more on this editon of Multiverse Tonight!

10 million copies sold

Marvel has set the Disney+ premiere dates for the second season of “Loki” with Tom Hiddleston, and the “Hawkeye” spinoff series “Echo,” studio chief Kevin Feige announced during the Disney upfront Tuesday.

The Season 2 premiere of “Loki” will debut Oct. 6, and in a first for a Marvel series, all episodes of “Echo” will drop at once on Nov. 29.

The announcements confirm that Marvel is significantly slowing the pace of its Disney+ releases after unfurling 11 titles on the streamer in 2021 and 2022. Marvel had initially slated five live-action shows to debut in 2023: Along with “Loki” Season 2, “Echo” and the Samuel L. Jackson series “Secret Invasion” (which premieres June 21), the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” spinoff “Ironheart” and the “WandaVision” spinoff “Agatha: Coven of Chaos” were also originally announced for this year. “Ironheart” and “Agatha” are now expected to debut in 2024.

After matching wits with Doctor Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor has found a new superhero to face off against as sources tell Deadline Ejiofor has closed a deal to co-star opposite Tom Hardy in Sony and Marvel’s Venom 3. 

Hardy is set to return as the titular character with the franchise’s longtime writer Kelly Marcel taking over the directing reins. Juno Temple also is on board.

Plot details are unknown other than Hardy is returning as the lethal protector Venom following the first two films grossing a combined $1.36 billion worldwide.

Actresses Brianna Hildebrand and Shioli Kutsuna have closed deals to return for Deadpool 3, joining Ryan Reynolds and many more in the threequel that Shawn Levy will direct and produce for Marvel Studios.

Hildebrand reprises her role from the first two films as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the mutant cohort of Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth, with the ability to generate nuclear explosions. Kutsuna plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s girlfriend Yukio, a Japanese mutant ninja introduced in Deadpool 2. Reynolds, Levy, Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese and Zeb Wells have scripted Deadpool 3. Reynolds will also produce alongside Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who is being introduced to the franchise for the first time following Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star Rachel Brosnahan is on the shortlist to play Lois Lane in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, sources told The Hollywood Reporter.

According to sources, Brosnahan delivered an “outstanding” audition for the spunky Daily Planet reporter but may be in the older range for what Gunn is hoping to achieve with his vision for the Man of Steel — one that focuses on Metropolis heroics with 20-something characters.

Nonetheless, the Emmy-winning actress would love the opportunity to play the iconic comic book character that has been portrayed by actresses like Amy Adams, Erica Durance, Kate Bosworth, Elizabeth Tulloch and Margot Kidder, among others.

Other contenders for Lois Lane include Emma Mackey, who stars in Netflix’s Sex Education and will be in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor and Samara Weaving, who was last seen in Scream VI.

However, sources also caution that some of the actresses have not gone through any sort of screen testing and have just been in the mix.

DC's The Penguin series is officially the latest project to suspend production amid the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. On Tuesday, reports revealed that WGA East picketers protested outside of the series' set in Westchester, NY, shutting down production for the remainder of Tuesday.

The Penguin is the latest project to shut down production because of picketing from the writers' strike — Evil, Stranger Things, Severance, Good Trouble, Sinking Spring, and Marvel's Wonder Man have all been reported to temporarily freeze their production in the past few weeks.

Star trek
The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds cast is boldly going into a new convention frontier. Members of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' cast will participate in MCM Comic Con's first holographic panel, taking place in London on Friday, May 26th. The panel precedes Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' return to Paramount+ with new episodes on Thursday, June 15th, kicking off the series' 10-episode second season. Rebecca Romijn (Una Chin-Riley), Ethan Peck (Spock), Celia Rose Gooding (Nyota Uhura), and Melissa Navia (Erica Ortegas) appear as live holograms during an exclusive panel hosted by Alex Zane. The panel will provide fans with behind-the-scenes details from the filming of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2, an exclusive clip, and more.

WizKids is making a new Star Trek board game, which will be released next year. Last week, WizKids revealed Star Trek: Discovery – Black Alert, a new strategy board game set in the Mirror Universe. The game features two teams controlling the USS Discovery and the ISS Charon trying to complete missions by controlling crew members and moving their respective ships to various parts of the ship. Each ship has their own endgame objective – the USS Discovery is trying to return to their universe while the ISS Charon is trying to capture the USS Discovery

Star Wars
After the failure of Star Wars: Destiny, Fantasy Flight Games went back to the drawing board and collaborated with Lucasfilm to create Star Wars: Unlimited, a new fast-paced, dynamic trading card game that is both easy to learn and strategically deep. The game features heroes, villains, ships, and settings from across the Star Wars galaxy. The first set, Spark of Rebellion, will include over 200 cards, allowing for endless strategic combinations and playstyles. Players take turns performing a single action each turn, such as playing a card, attacking with a unit, or activating an ability. Figuring out which action to use at a given time is a huge part of the game's strategy, as the opponent can potentially respond to anything you do with their own action. Each round is dynamic and impossible to predict!

Disney has announced that it will be closing its Star Wars-themed Galactic Starcruiser hotel in September, less than two years after it opened. The hotel, which cost roughly $1,200 per person per day, offered a two-day all-inclusive interactive role-playing adventure where guests could interact with characters from the Star Wars saga and enjoy themed games, food, and drinks.
In a statement, Disney said that Galactic Starcruiser was "one of our most creative projects ever" and that it had been "praised by our guests and recognized for setting a new bar for innovation and immersive entertainment." The company added that it would be taking what it had learned from the hotel "to create future experiences that can reach more of our guests and fans."
Star Wars fans who visited the hotel generally had high praise for the concept, with the hotel averaging 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor. However, the hotel's high price tag and limited capacity were likely factors in its closure.

“Archer” will end with its upcoming 14th season at FXX.

The announcement comes despite the fact that FX never formally announced a Season 14 renewal for the series, though series star Chris Parnell had previously stated that the new season was in production back in January. The series aired its 13th season between August and October 2022.

Season 14 of “Archer” will debut on FXX on Aug. 30 with two new episodes beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT and stream the next day on Hulu.

The show has long been a cornerstone of FX’s comedy lineup. It originally debuted on the network in 2009 and moved over to FXX in 2017. It has received 10 Emmy nominations throughout its run with four wins, including one for best animated series in 2016.

In its first appearance at the upfronts, Disney division Lucasfilm showed off three episodic series and announced that the Indiana Jones catalog is heading to Disney+.

“We couldn’t be happier with the opportunities the medium [of streaming] and this platform have afforded us,” Lucasfilm President Kathy Kennedy. Over “May the Fourth” weekend (the annual, punnily named celebration of film and TV titles conveying the franchise’s signature wish, “may the force be with you,”) Kennedy said, streaming of Star Wars content increased 200% year-on year.

Before the June 30 theatrical release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Kennedy said, the Indiana Jones catalog will be coming to Disney+. The films have been available on Paramount+ and Prime Video. (Paramount had distributed the first four Indiana Jones films, which all predate the 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney.) Kennedy didn’t indicate whether the streaming window would be exclusive.

FX's What We Do in the Shadows is heading back to our screens. The network recently announced that the vampire mockumentary will return on Thursday, July 13. At this time, most plot details about the upcoming season are being kept under wraps.

A grand jury has indicted a man on charges of stealing a pair of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the iconic film The Wizard of Oz.
Terry Martin, 76, lives just 12 miles from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, where the slippers were stolen in 2005. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 1st.
Garland wore several pairs of slippers while making The Wizard of Oz, but only four pairs remain. The pair in question were insured for $1 million but have a current market value of around $3.5 million. They were on loan to the Judy Garland Museum at the time of the theft.
The slippers were missing for years, even with an anonymous donor coming forward in 2015 to offer a $1 million reward. Seven years following the theft, the owner of the slippers, Michael Shaw, received an insurance payment in compensation for the lost shoes.
In 2017, a man came forward and told the shoes' insurer that he could help get the shoes back. The FBI recovered the shoes in 2018 after a nearly yearlong investigation.
The recovered shoes will be on display at the Judy Garland Museum once the legal case is resolved. The remaining three pairs of ruby slippers are currently in the hands of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Smithsonian, and a private collector.
HBO Max will be rebranded as Max on May 23rd. It will be a merger of HBO Max and Discovery+, bringing much of the company's content under one streaming umbrella. In addition to the rebranding, Max will add a number of new movies and shows in the days and weeks following the change. On May 23rd, the day of the switch, the platform will have a slew of new titles to celebrate the rebrand, including the anticipated new shows Clone High and Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai, as well as the streaming debut of Shazam! Fury of the Gods.
The eighth season of the beloved sci-fi animated series "Futurama" will premiere on Hulu on July 24. The first teaser for the new season has been released, and it promises to answer long-standing mysteries, such as the contents of Nibbler's litter box and the secret history of evil Robot Santa. The new season will also explore the future of vaccines, bitcoin, cancel culture, and streaming TV.

The CW has announced that a spinoff of the Librarian series is in the works. 
The Librarians: The Next Chapter is a spinoff of the original TV series The Librarians, which followed the adventures of the custodians of a magical repository of the world’s most powerful and dangerous supernatural artifacts. The new series centers on a “Librarian” from the past, who time traveled to the present and now finds himself stuck here. When he returns to his castle, which is now a museum, he inadvertently releases magic across the continent.
According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, THe third Paddington Bear movie: Paddington in Peru has been picked up by Sony for its North American distribution.
The Paddington in Peru update came during Cannes this week when Sony acquired the North American rights to the threequel, which is being produced by Heyday and StudioCanal. StudioCanal will release the film in the U.K., France, Germany, Benelux, Australia, New Zealand, and Poland while Sony Pictures holds rights for the rest of the world with the exception of Russia, China, and Japan.
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