Nov. 17, 2020

Where No Voyager Has Gone Before

Where No Voyager Has Gone Before
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On the sci-fi edition,Mark Hamill goes to the dogs, new Star Wars series hints, Dutch scientists and a micro Voyager and we remember Elsa Raven.   All that and more on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!

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Tonight! Mark Hamill follows the dogs on Twitter, a micro Voyager and we remember to Save the Clock Tower! All that and more on the scifi edition of Multiverse Tonight!

Welcome to Multiverse Tonight!

Thoughts on Discovery so far.

Black Friday

Star Wars

Leslye Headland’s Disney Plus Star Wars series has been much anticipated, now we’re getting an idea of what the show will be about Headland in an interview with Youtuber Fantastic Frankey, said that the show will be a martial arts thriller with a female protagonist at a point of time that has been unexplored in previous Star Wars shows and movies quote "I would say it's in a pocket of the universe and a pocket of the timeline that we don't know much about," "That's what I can say." unquote About the show being female centric she said quote "Just because my show is technically, yes, 'female-centric', meaning it centers around a female protagonist, I don't think that necessarily excludes men from that space,". "I relate to male characters all the time. I root for Mando. I root for Luke... An inclusive space means an inclusive space. But at the same time, I think that just because something has a female protagonist doesn't necessarily mean it's only for women."

"I kind of see if Star Wars is a religion... I like to think of my show as a tent revival," Headland continued. "You can come over if you want to. We're going to be talking about some cool stuff. There's going to be some things we haven't discussed in the canon yet. There are going to be some characters you don't know about. I would love you to join us. I would love you to be interested in it. If it's not your thing -- the cool thing about Star Wars right now is there's so much you can align yourself with and get invested in, but if you don't like it, that's fine." unquote So not a lot of go on here, maybe we’ll get more on the show in the spring.

Mark Hamill’s dogs have joined Twitter. His dogs Mille and Mabel have their own twitter address @HamillFurballs and their first follower is their fur daddy, Mark Hamill who tweeted quote "Guess who is officially their first follower? That's right, your favorite Hamill... ME! #I_Officially_Have_No_Life,

Star Trek

Star Trek author Dave Galanter, who wrote the Discovery Novel Dead Endless has revealed that he is battling late state cancer, in a post on twitter the author wrote, quote

Dutch Physicists at Leiden University have created a microscopic microprinted ship that resembles the USS Voyager that moves on its own in liquid. The ship, which was built as part of a larger research project. The ship was highlighted in a scientific paper entitled quote "Catalytically propelled 3D colloidal microswimmers" published in the journal Soft Matter. The mini ship is one of several artificial microswimmers and is only microns big and will be able to move thanks to chemical reactions between the platinum coating and the hydrogen peroxide solution it is place in. The researchers are hopeful that these 3D printed designs will help them learn more about biological microswimmers, like bacteria, white blood cells and sperm. The hope is that by learning who those things work, they could design a medical use for synthetic microswimmers. Think the nanites from Star Trek.

During ViacomCBS’s third quarter investors conference call, CEO Bob Bakish held up Star Trek as a sort of proof of the potential for the streaming service. Quote We ended the quarter with 17.9 million domestic subscribers, up 72% year-on-year, which basically puts us just under the year-end [target]… And both, CBS All Access and Showtime [streaming], each had robust consumption growth in signups. Starting with All Access, the service benefited from strong demand for sports, like UEFA and the NFL, originals like Star Trek: Lower Decks, and CBS network content like Big Brother and Love Island, as well as from the 3,500 library episodes added from Nickelodeon, BET, Comedy Central, MTV and Smithsonian. Plus, the almost 200 films from Paramount that we added in late July, as part of our preview launch. CBS All Access is now in the early stages of benefiting from the power of the combined company. Unquote Also talked about was how beneficial Star Trek has been to the growth of Pluto TV quote Pluto TV continues to build on its position as the number one FAST, free ad-supported streaming television service in the United States. In the quarter, Pluto TV’s domestic [monthly users] grew 57% to 28.4 million, and globally grew to nearly 36 million… In fact, in the U.S., Pluto now has well over 100,000 hours of compelling content available to consumers. We recently added nine ViacomCBS channels, including Star Trek, Bellator, CBSN, Dallas, and CSI. unquote

Paramount Plus was also brought up, the rebranding of CBS ALL ACCESS will be out in early 2021 and will combine quote live sports, breaking news and a mountain of entertainment, including exclusive original content, plus a diverse and deep library of shows and movies, spanning all programming genres from ViacomCBS’ leading brands in one unified service unquote 


Back to the Future writer Bob Gale recently spoke with the Hollywood reporter about actress Elsa Raven who passed away on November third at the age of 91. Elsa will be known to back to the future fans as the lady asking for donations to Save the courthouse clock tower. Gale told the Hollywood reporter quote"She was one of those A-list performers who could turn a small role into a memorable one," "Although she is on screen for probably less than a minute, everyone remembers her. And casting her is an example of director Bob Zemeckis's philosophy that every role is important and can be made memorable."

"Bob would never save money by hiring a cheaper performer in a small role, a lesson we learned on our first movie: a mediocre day player can ruin a film.""Elsa communicates some key exposition in our movie which the audience needs to know, and it takes a great actress and a great director to make that come across in an entertaining way," "She will always be remembered.  Elsa, rest in peace, and my condolences to your many nieces and nephews." Elsa also appeared in movies notably The Amityville Horror, Twilight Zone the Movie, Indecent Proposal, and Titanic. She also appeared in several tv shows including Quincy M.E., The A-Team, Highway to Heaven, Frddy’s Nightmares, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Murphy Brown, Seinfeld, and  Third Rock From The Sun.

The Orville’s Third Season is getting back on track. The production, like all Hollywood productions had been put on hold when the pandemic started, The Orville had gotten about halfway through shooting when the shutdown hit. Now prep work has begun, with production set to begin in December. No target date for the season debut has been announced, but the end of 2021 is expected.

Jurassic World Dominion has wrapped up production at UK’s Pinewood Studios which required 40,000 COVID tests, millions spent on protocols and for the isolation of the cast and crew. Director Colin Trevorrow told Deadline dot com quote “There are a lot of emotions,”“I’m not sure I can put it into words,” continues Trevorrow. “It has been remarkable. Our crew and our cast has been so resilient. All producers have worked around the clock to make it the best it can be. It has been inspiring.” unquote  Trevorrow thinks that the experience of doing this during the quarantine will enhance the final film quote “I think that close proximity to each other has made the movie better. Everything we were going through emotionally we would share. We would rehearse on Sundays, we crafted the characters, which made the emotion of the film richer. I think the movie will be stronger for it.” unquote The movie is due out in June of 2022.

Johnny Depp is out of the Third Fantastic Beasts movie. He broke the news on Instagram saying quote “I wish to let you know that I have been asked to resign by Warner Bros. from my role as Grindelwald in ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and I have respected and agreed to that request” Even though he’s out of the movie, Depp will still make the ten million dollar salary he was to get for making the movie, he had a pay or play contract with Warner Bros that said the he would be paid regardless if he acted in the film or not. 

 The movie will now be pushed back from its original target in November of 2021 to the summer of 2022. 

And while were on movie dates, Ryan Reynolds video game movie Free Guy and the sequel to Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the nile are now unmored from set release dates. Free Guy was due out on December eleventh and Death was due on December eighteenth. I guess we’ll just have to wait until covid settles down before we get to see these.

XBox ‘s first Halo Game, Halo: Combat Evolved came out Ninteen years ago this past Sunday. I’ll just let that one sit here...

And that brings us to the end of the scifi news. *Show Ender*

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