Aug. 14, 2018

More Captain Picard Days

More Captain Picard Days
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Last episode, SDCC, This episode, Star Trek Las Vegas! Picard returns! We get more Cadet Tilly! Stan's signing days are over, what can we expect from Disney and we look at the expanding Spider-verse of films.

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Tell liked Kevin McCarthy beams back in a bet woman has been found and we talk about all the news from Star Trek Las Vegas on this edition of multiverse tonight

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versus out there. Welcome to the one with news about falls, the upstairs. This is multiverse tonight. Now here's your host, Thomas town.

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Hello and welcome to this special episode six of multiverse tonight where we look at all your Geeky universes. I'm your host, Thomas Townley. Last week we had a long episode with news from Comic Con International. Well, this week we have a ton of news from Star Trek Las Vegas. I would also like to share that we will soon have our first interview on the show, hopefully in the next steps are to, so stay tuned for that over on our twitch channel. I've been playing star trek online. Feel free to join me a late Sunday or Monday nights, and if your player peel fruit free to join me and join our fleet, just search for multi-verse tonight. Now I've told you in the past about our affiliate links, especially the one on Well, if I want to keep that affiliate link, I need to show a few sales, so help me out. Go the multiverse and click on the link in the sidebar off the homepage. We also have a link there for my shop, my comic, and I plan on having more associate links there soon. Also, if you'd like to contribute directly, like my good friend Dan, go with either my coffee or Patrion the donation page. You can also find those links on the website. Thank you and let's get on with the new lots of news from Star Trek Las Vegas. The big news is the announcement that this man right here, Patrick Stewart, will be returning to the role of John Luke Card and the new series for CBS all access. It appeared that the yearly trek cons and make the announcement himself. We don't know much beyond that, but comic book Dot Com has inferred some things from the announcement. First off, the fact that Sir Patrick told the audience that it's been more than 20 years since they last saw card and a card may not be a captain anymore. He may be someone who has been changed by his experiences. We have no scripts as yet. We're just talking, talking, talking storylines. It will be something very different, but it will come to you with the same passion unquote. In other words, this is not a reboot, but a continuation of postcards. Story. He's probably not capital the present anymore, maybe an admiral or an ambassador or he's just retired and teaching at the academy. Freddy has also revealed who's on the creative side of things. The series is being developed by Alex Kurtzman James Stuff, Akiva Goldsman, Michael Chobani, and Kirsten buyer. Kurtzman is the cocreator and current show runner of the start of star trek discovery as the man charge of expanding the star trek franchise, so no surprise there. Goldsman is also producer and director of discovery, and duff is discovery executive producer. Buyers is part of the discovery writer's room as well as the star trek novelist and also in charge of coordinating discovery as a multimedia franchise, keeping the show's writer's forum on what the discovery novels and comics are doing and vice versa. One could speculate as to whether her involvement in the new picard centric series also involves cording that new series with discovery, perhaps most surprising is Michael Chavon, who was a pulitzer prize winning novelist to Bonn previously announced that he will write one of the upcoming star trek short trek episodes leading into the second season of star trek discovery, so it seems he is all in with his involvement in the star trek franchise Kurtzman Duff Goldman, and Siobhan will also serve as executive producers as the series as well as Patrick Stewart had their connect Kevin and rod roddenberry. So what do we have other than Patrick Stuart? We have nothing yet. The most interesting thing is that so many of the creative staff is also from discovery. I'm going to guess that this still won't be the return to tng style storytelling that we've been, that we've seen. This also makes me question how committed the staff is to the show. If they're splitting time between writers rooms on both shows. The only hope is that stuart will use that executive producer title, the steer the show the right way. On a side note, William Shatner tweeted his congratulations to patrick quote. It's wonderful news. Congratulations my friend unquote. Now there has been a lot of reaction to captain Picard's. We turn on twitter, but one thing you don't want to do is tweet. Shut up Wesley to wil wheaton, ease over it, and sick of it tweeting quote. Listen folks, I was a star Trek Fan before I worked on TNG or remain a star trek fan to this day. I'm as excited as an ir tricky in the world about this and telling me, shut up. Wesley, when I'm excited about this is leap and cruel. Please don't do that. Unquote, folks, try to live by the golden rule of the Internet. Don't be a Dick deadline. Dot Com. Got In an interview with CBS TV studios, President David Staff. He says that he wants to star trek related programming on all the time. There was a cbs all access streaming service quote. My goal is that there should be a star trek something on all, all the time on Alexis. We know it draws an audience and discovery has done quite well, unquote, and our words, the good fight ain't selling subscriptions like they hoped. Anyway, later in the interview, staff was joined by CBS all access platform, president and coo, mark, the boy and cbs all access executive vice presidents of original content. Julie Mcnamara also joined in on the interview discussing discovery and potential spinoffs featuring specific characters, so it's just ms dot Michelle [inaudible], Captain Phillips, you, Julie Mcnamara said quote, we've really talked about virtually all of the characters who popped in discovery has potential spinoff shows. It's obviously very much driven by our conversations with discovery show runner, Alex Kurtzman, secret hideout and other creators involved. I wouldn't say at this point that we're actively pursuing Michelle Yeoh series, but it has been discussed and then they discussed rainn Wilson's upcoming role as Harry mudd in one of the short track shorts coming to CBS. All access the true, explained their thought process behind testing ideas on small scale the bring into large productions like discovery Mcnamara told, told deadline quote, he definitely falls in that category of it could be interesting to build around this character, but I will say it hasn't progressed any further than that unquote staff then went on to explain that there was no grand design with this. They just thought it would be really cool. Storywise, character-wise unquote. So we're going to get spinoffs from a show with only a handful of episodes. Can we wait longer until the show and its characters are established please? Uh, this seems a lot of credit. A lot of like a crazy following. They struck hot with discovery, so they're going to milk the franchise for everything they got all at once in hopes that all access catches fire. Please don't. Cvs just don't. But if you feel you must please appoint a trick czar to oversee the whole thing and make sure they're not destroying continuity. So you want the wash discovery but you didn't want the pay off for all access. I don't blame you. Well, CBS is releasing the show on Blu Ray and DVD on November 13th. The costs for the Blu Ray is $50 and ninety nine cents. The DVD is $41 and ninety cents, but those prices are expected to fall before the release. They come with some deleted and extended scenes as well as some shorts detailing the production. So let's do some math. If you watch a show as it came out, you subscribed for at least five months, depending on if you did the commercial or commercial free plan, it would have cost you between $30 and $50. So the price of the blue rate means you don't save any money. However, if the price falls, this would mean the DVD. Blue Ray would be a fair deal. Makeup designer, Heterosex panel at stv had some juicy details. Glen is the makeup designer for discovery. First off the Klingons, they are changing. He told the crowd quote as we move into season two, it has been awhile since we have been with our characters, has been a while since we've seen our clown friends, so everything keeps evolving. The story has evolved and I can guarantee you this, you're going to be blown away. They have a completely new look, yet again, going into season two, can we please stick with something for the cling on please. However, the reason that they were bald in season one, Hetrick says quote, if you really think about season one and the klingons storyline, we had this incredibly real ritualistic season with them, was really about unification and ignite the beacon polites, Kayla's and bringing, bringing him back so we integrated that very much and thought a lot about that. He didn't point out that in the next generation episode, rightful heir, Kayla said he reunited the empire by cutting off his hair and dipping it into a volcano and forging the first up and tempering it in the ocean of Kronos. To set things right here, I have to point out the Kayla's took a lock of his hair and the volcano a lock, not the whole head of hair. So in other words, Hetrick, ms dot hurdle line from the next generation episode and made the whole of cling on bald because they're falling. Halos. Let me guess, someone finally pointed this out to him and now they're going to have hair. This season. Hetrick also pushed on the fact that different houses of clans look different and that we will see more different houses. Quote in season two, you're going to see much different designs you're going to see different houses you haven't seen before. One of the most important things to us was that at this point in Canon, as we head towards the current version of unification, the houses really each grew up on different planets. It is an empire is not just kronos. We have seen six of greenhouses in closeup on season one. As we move forward in season two, I promised that we will continue exploring and unpacking and folding that infinitely interesting story of what the Klan on the culture looks like on a wider level. I'd like to point out that this makes no sense to me. It would be like every household and earth looking fantastically different from every other. This makes no sense. Just put this out here. Do you have any thoughts? Let me know. I would like some of them make sense of this because, well, let's start with a little novel. News. Could that Sylvia Tillie will be the next character to get her own prequel novel was star Trek discovery the way to the stars. The novel is written by bestselling author who mccormack, and here's the blurb. It's not easy being 16, especially when everyone expects great things from tilly. It's even harder when her mother and father are position luminaries not to mention pressing her to attend one of the best schools at the finish and it has to offer tele wants to achieve great things even though she hasn't quite worked out how to do that or what it is she wants to do, but this year everything will change. Fertility has, she said about to embark upon an adventure of a lifetime and venture. They'll take her even closer to the star. Sounds interesting. Tilly has been a bright spot in the series, so her backstory should be interesting. And speaking of Tilly, she will be front and center in a new season of star trek online age of discovery, which opens in the year 20, 56 just after the battle of the binary stars in the wake of a brutal war against the clans, starfleet captain's Myspace, Ula matriarch of the house of MCI and sister of the Kusama who seeks altered the destiny of the quadrant. Players will need to rely on the help of pillow starfleet academy cadets Sylvia Tillie, played by discovery actress Mary Wiseman was come home to assist with training and see them off on their first assignments. From there, they will journey to iconic locations from star trek discovery, like lithium minds of core van to explore the new expendable crossfields class starship. You assess Glen, you think would be the USS Crossfield, but me and the fence starbase one from a fearsome attack by the cling on house at the Gore. The first installment from age of discovery will introduce a reimagined starting experience. They'll allow players to create a character from the discovery era. The update will also include two new episodes for starfleet Kennedy cadets. A new task force operation to defense starbase one and new reputations. They expand the games reputation system to tier six and luck, powerful new rewards. Additional details will be announced when age of discovery launches later this year at Star Trek Las Vegas. Jonathan frakes announced that Marina Sirtis will guest star on season two of the Oroville. Then he will direct other stars for the upcoming season. Include Fmri, Abraham, Ron, Canada, Tony Todd, and Ted Danson. So little trivia time and how we movie series the mass that Michael Myers where's and the movie is a captain Kirk Mask painted white. Now we have learned that long time Halloween franchise producer, Malique cod as tried and still hopes to win and the parents by Star Trek legend William Shatner and the how we movie asked by Halloween movies. If shatner has commented on his association with Michael Myers, I call it answered, not direct quote, not directly, not to me directly. And from what I hear, he doesn't really acknowledge it. I think he makes light of it. We actually have one of the original impressions of shatter in our office in La. So obviously we're really grateful to him and I am the in certain ways we've tried to reach out to him to make, to to maybe do an appearance of God said, Lord note he's busy enough with star trek stuff, but you never know unquote. Now come on bill. We know you have a sense of humor. I'm sure all you'd have to do with just cause a jump scare in and out. It would be your greatest work ever. Well, bad news folks. A new report from the Hollywood reporter indicates that Star Trek for is in serious, serious jeopardy. What with negotiations with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth having fallen through the negotiations between paramount skydancer media and Chris's have ended with both sides walking away from the table, the actors, so either being short changed and being made to work for less than they're worth, and the studio is taking the position that the past performances of the past three movies have not been high enough to merit a raise. It's unclear if the studio would recast pine and Hemsworth roles or make another go at reed negotiation, but it doesn't look like the movie isn't any kind of holding pattern right now. Maybe they should just call William Shatner in and half pines, Kirk aged horribly by transport accident and this just in right before I sat down to record this episode. Discovery has found its spock, even peck, who is the WHO is Gregory Peck's grandson. Now either Google who that is or to turn to the nearest old person that asked, will play spock in season to Ethan is known for the Series d series. 10 things I hate about you. He has also voice Gabriel Thorn and Halos. Four and five. The following statement was released by EPA, Alex Kurtzman quote through 52 years of television, film apparently universe and the Mirror universe. Mr spock remains the only member of the original bridge crew, the span every era of star trek, the Great Leonard Nimoy. Then the brilliant Zachary quinto brought in comparable humanity to the character forever torn between logic and emotion. We searched for months for an actor who would like them bring his own interpretation to the role an actor who would like them effortlessly embodies spock's greatest qualities beyond obvious logic. Empathy, initially in intuition, compassion, confusion, and yearning. Well, I hope I haven't heard much about him, but I hope, uh, you know, he's great for the parts. Now let's look in on the DC universe.

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Cw has found

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batwoman and has been revealed that actress Ruby rose has been cast as Kate Cain, Aka woman. Rose, has spoken out about the role on her instagram account where she revealed that she is quote beyond thrilled and honored to be playing the part. Ruby rose is an Australian model. Dj recording artist, actress told you the presenter and former MTV vj directing credits include triple x, the return of Xander cage, the Mag John Wick, chapter two and three, and the third season of orange is the new black shield debuted during the, the annual arrowverse crossover deadline reports that Superman's cousin, super girl could be getting her own movie. This script is currently being worked on by Oren Uziel, known for the cloverfield paradox. Twenty two, jump street and Shimmer Lake. There are no producers currently assigned to this project and no other details are forthcoming. Hopefully this will be in the vein of Shizam and not Batman v Superman. Margot kidder who started opposite Christopher Reed in the superman movies, was found dead in her home this past May. Your associate press now reports that her death has officially been ruled a suicide. A statement released Wednesday last Wednesday by Park County Coroner Richard would said that she died of a result of a self inflicted drug and alcohol overdose unquote, and that no further details would be released. We're saddened by this news as this seems to be beginning of a recent string of high profile suicides. If you're contemplating suicide, seek help today. Wonder Brothers, DC superhero movie, birds of prey based on the comic has reportedly found it's the villain. The rap reports that black mask, the ruthless Gotham city underworld leader known for his suits, his twin pistols and his trademark ebony mask is set to be the big bad of the upcoming world of vc film, the film. We'll start Margaret Ravi returning as Harley Quinn alongside DC comics heroes, black canary, renee Montoya, hundreds and a young Cassandra Kane. Birds of prey does not yet have a release date. Now, over the telephone side of the world, the doom patrol series has also reportedly found his villain. The Hollywood reporter reports set doom. Patrol is aiming to Reduce Eric Morden, Aka Mr nobody as its first major villain, Mr nobody is far from a household name. He does have deep historical ties to the doom patrol. However, the character first appeared in 1964 is doom patrol number 86 as a simple criminal, eventually a transformed into the super powered villain. Mr Nobody in 1989 doom patrol number 26. The transfiguration from warden that Mr nobody wraps his appearance or disappearance and turns the man into a living shadow unquote as Mr Nobody Eric more than is insane, bitter and vengeful. Let's look at some marvel news. It's been a while since we checked in with Stan, the man Lee bleeding. Cool reports that stand is no longer to be doing signings. According to a statement from Jonathan Bowler, Jack who was helping look after Lee quote, that'd be very clear, stand is 100 percent not doing any conventions slash public signings in the last few years. His well being has been compromised by people from monetary gain and that practice is over unquote buller. Jack went to state that private signings were also temporarily so temporarily on hold and that Lee would only be signing an small number of items within the comic. Legend wanted to do so, so cherry shows autographs, true believers. They're truly now collectors items and then exclusive to variety. Sony has revealed that has the rights to roughly 900 characters, Sony pictures and troll destination designation for this collection is Sony, Sony, Sony's universe of marvel characters or Su Su. See if things go well with venom venom. We'll take off with this collection of characters of villains and heroes who live in the Spiderman universe. Quotes were beat. We're focused on being faithful to the comics unquote, that Sanford Panaj present of Columbia pictures and executive who's overseeing Sumeria. A black cat, silver, stable team up movie has been planned but appears to be scrapped, but according to Mr Panish quote, we believe Black Canary, but skimming, we believe black cats is enough of her own character with a great backstory and a cannon of material to draw from to justify her own film unquote, so it sounds like black cat will be getting a step up to her own movie at some point with the rumor that venom will be a pg 13 bordering on an r rating. Sony also plants experiment with budget ranges on the films and makes and has even publicly said that is open to making comic book movies in the vein of Logan or deadpool that are for much more for adult audiences. We might even seem more crossovers with the Disney marvel film verse. Sony is open to having other characters from its spiderman films pop up in marvel movies that are produced under the Disney ages and would presumably also like to see an avenger to cameo and its own movies. Call it a favored nations trading partnership. Now, Disney has revealed some of the details for its upcoming streaming service. Nothing on the price yet. However, here's what we do now. The service will roll out at the end of 2019 when it hits the market. The service will include upcoming theatrical releases such as the live action remake of Dumbo, Captain Marvel, and next vendor sequel. There will also be several films that were made made directly for the streaming service, such as a remake of lady and the tramp and the and the Kendrick comedy. Well original television series will draw on preexisting Disney properties such as monsters, inc and a high school musical. The hope is that major Disney brands such as Pixar, marvel and Lucasfilm, as well as Nat Geo, which the company is buying from Fox will all contribute content to the service. Disney CEO Bob Iger has suggested that the cost will be less than Netflix and users may eventually be able to bundle it with the ESPN and Hulu apps to more closely approximate a traditional cable TV subscription. Quote. If a consumer wants old three, ultimately we see an opportunity to bundle them from a pricing perspective. Iger said what will be missing will be the star wars movies as they are under contract with Turner Broadcasting. Whoever Star Wars films made after 2019 will be exclusive to the platform. Original content won't be made on the cheap. Disney streaming service will be overseen by Ricky Strauss of veteran marketing executive who got the post last month, despite his lack of production and experience, a live action 10 episodes star wars series from John Favreau will cost roughly a hundred million dollars and then an adaptation of the book to me, failure both a $45,000,000 budget according to a recent story from the New York Times looking to the future Uyghur during the call, the stockholders, so he believes that many Fox franchises and labels will be complimentary to Disney's content. The Disney chief, so he was partially particularly excited to buy back the rights to x men deadpool and the fantastic four marvel brands that had been licensed to the studio. Moreover, Iger said Disney plans to invest in Fx, Nat Geo and Fox searchlight, giving them more recent, more resources to produce movies and shows and our words. Disney is looking to be just hasn't been invaluable, hasn't Netflix subscription? I do as A. I do have one suggestion. Disney, as a stockholder, as a fan, if you give us a lower startup cost, say $5 a month for the first year, you win. Just saying start to service as a loss leader. Annual win people over immediately. Anyway, news on the James from guns, James Gunn the front try saying that three times fast. Folks, while it looks unlikely that Disney will rehire the beleaguered director, come on. Warner brothers strike. While the iron is hot, it looks good that they will at least use the script that gun wrote. The Hollywood reporter is reporting that not only are they going to use the script, they're negotiating and exit payout to gun reportedly between seven and $10,000,000. Agents of shield might not be the only marvel show on ABC. Soon, according to the Hollywood reporter, ABC present, channing donkey revealed quotes. We're cooking up a couple things on for broadcast. There's one that I want to talk about and Marvel TV. Jeph Loeb won't. Let me when ask about the. If the shortened agents of shield season was the final season for the series, January plied quotes, we'll see. I feel like last season was our strongest creative season ever and that the fan base remains very loyal and we do very well in delayed viewing. That's my hope that by moving it to summer where our live same day ratings are less important. It might be able to continue for longer, unquote. So in other words, if you want to see the show, you better watch the show. Now. Let's look at some Geek News. Andy Circus, known for his role as Gollum in Lord of the rings movies will be bringing George Orwell allegory novel, animal farm to like for Netflix deadline reports that the adaptation will be contemporary and highlight the quote staggering relevance of the satirical and dramatic power of the novel. The novel was an allegory about the dangers of Soviet communism and the rise of Joseph Stalin said on an English farm, a group of animals overthrow their farmer and take over the farm themselves. However, they soon find that the animals are not all as equal as they thought with those in charge, telling the underlings quotes for legs, good to legs, bad unquote, the dry no opposition quote. We are incredibly excited to have finally found the perfect creative home in Netflix for this extraordinary case work by George Orwell. Surrogates circuit said in the statement the film will be produced by circles. This film company, the imaginarium sources have told variety. The actor Ben Schwartz will be voicing the blue hedgehog in paramount pictures, Sony, the hedgehog movie he will be storing alongside James Marsden, Tika sumpter, and Jim Carrey. Paramount has given sonic the Hedgehog, a holiday season release of November 15th, 20, 19 will be project based on the sake of video game. Franchise had originally been in the works at Sony Pictures, but the studio let's film rights, laps and paramount then picked up the project in October. Sonic has been around since 1991. Say the front runner or the new James Bond might just be luther and thor series series, Star Star, Idris Elba. If chosen, it would be the first non white actor to portray the iconic spy, James Bond, Daniel Craig is leaving the franchise after James Bond's number 25. The word comes from the equalizer to director will report bond series producer Barbara Broccoli is on the hunt for a black bonds. According to Fuqua, Broccoli disclosed to him his time unquote, for a person of color to step into the iconic role. The 25th James Bond film is scheduled to be out in 2019. The Wall Street Journal reports a sequel to 2007 is the simpsons movie. His quote in development along with previously announced Bob's Burgers, epic, big screen adventure and a family guy, feature length film Ceo of Twentieth Century Fox. Stacey Snider has been emphasizing a new approach to animation, bringing in a new partner to replace the expired deal with dreamworks animation. The film studio is now working with the TV side of the studio on the big screen versions of the Simpsons and family guy film that would mix animation with live action and Bob's burgers. Now. How these might be affected by the Fox Disney merger? We will. We don't know the Oscars. They are changing. I know I've used the change in twice in this. In this program, Sumi, the Oscar board of directors has revealed some of the new changes for the Twenty Nineteen Oscars. Telecast will be limited to three hours. Some of the smaller Oscar's will be done off. We'll be done with off air and the winners broadcasts later in the telecast. The Big Geek news part is the inclusion of a new category of outstanding achievement in popular film. This would be for films that were tops the box office, like superhero movies that wouldn't normally be put up for the best picture award. Now we've come to the end of our little show, so comicon internationals over what's next? Wizard world has a convention coming up every month. Wizard world guest this year will include across the US, the winter soldier, Sebastian Stan, Jason Momoa, race Cyborg Fisher, and as are the Flash Miller in the justice league movie. They've Patista and palm come tif from guardians of the galaxy, Natalie dormer and Sean Bean from game of thrones, Lord of the rings actors, Billy Boyd and Sean Aston Fan, favorites like Michael Rosenbaum, charisma carpenter, Henry Winkler, and many more years are coupon code multiverse at checkout for 20 percent off the cost of your tickets. The next show is Chicago, August 23rd through the 26th. Get your tickets today and be sure to checkout or a social media twitter at multiparous, Tom and on facebook and instagram. If you'd like to contribute some money, please do so at [inaudible] dot com slash multiverse or on Patrion as well. And if you're a subscriber, please, please, please be sure to share this with your friends. And if you're brand new to the show, please be sure to subscribe now. If you'd like to leave us a comment and let us know how we're doing, that would be great to special thanks to level loco for our theme music. Thanks for watching multiverse tonight. We'll be back in two weeks now. Please exit the universe in orderly fashion. Good Nights.

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Lucky for us tonight. Production genre productive.