Nov. 5, 2020

Gonzo Goes to Court

Gonzo Goes to Court
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On the comic book edition, Green Lantern goes big on the small screen, We parse the plural of Cyclops and Muppet Babies have a date in federal court.  All that and more on this edition of multiverse tonight.

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Tonight! Green Lantern plans to go big on HBO Max, What is the plural of Cyclops?, and Seth McFarlane and Danny McBride are Eastbound and Down, loaded up and trucking, They gonna do what they say can’t be done on Multiverse Tonight!

The Batman is filming in the United Kingdom until February next year giving it just over a year to work on post production before it’s March forth 2022 release date. The film most recently had to halt production lead Robert Pattinson, tested positive for Covid, he has since then recovered. 

HBO Max’s Green Lantern series will be written like a tv show, but have feature film level production values according to producer Marc Guggenheim. Mr. Guggenheim commented on the series during a panel that had been recorded for ComiCon Internationals website and released as part of the Storytelling Across Media mini conference. Marc said quote "I happen to believe -- and this is not a universally-held opinion -- that you can't do a ten-hour show or an eight-episode show, like an 8-hour movie," Guggenheim said. "I don't think that works. When I see it done, there's always some flabby episodes in the middle. I think you have to approach it like a TV series and approach each episode like its own entity. Even though it's streaming, even though hopefully people will binge it, you've got to make each episode a satisfying meal. You've got to look at it with a different tempo than you would have in a two-hour movie. That being said, certainly the show for HBO Max that we're all working on, we are approaching it with the production ambitions of a movie. So we're writing it like a TV show but we're hoping to produce it like a film."

In an exclusive to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s been made known that Jared Leto will be reprising the Joker for The Snyder cut of Justice League. Shooting of new materia
l for the movie is currently underway with Ben Afleck, Ray Fisher, Amber Heard and Jared Leto . Also joining the reshoots is Joe Manganiello, who will reprise Deathstroke for the film. Deathstroke first appeared in the 2017 cut of the movie as a post credit scene with Lex Luthor. 

Suicide Squad sirecgtor David Ayer in response to a fan question about What was the toughest scene to leave on the cutting room floor said qutoe The first forty minutes unquote He went on to say that the movie was quote It was ripped to pieces - I can’t emphasize that enough unquote  The call for Warner Bros to make an Ayers cutt of Suicide Squad has been getting a lot of push recently even by Cedric The Entertainer who in a recent Cameo said qutoe “HBO Max, AT&T, listen, y’all gotta release the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad,” “It’s time. The Ayer Cut, man, we’re all waiting for it. You know what I mean? That’s the one. And everybody, you all know this, when we do this all the proceeds will go to charity. We want y’all to ask for it. Hit em up! And then, bring back Jared Leto as the Joker, and do the Harley Quinn/Joker movie. That’s necessary! Quit playing, The Ayer Cut! Let’s get it! Let’s go. I want to see it, I know you want to see it. Suicide Squad gang, let’s go baby!” unquote 

The new Superman series, Superman & Lois has recruited Degrassi The Next Generation star Stacey Faber to play a new character named Leslie Larr.  Her character description reads quote “the right hand to one of the most influential people on the planet, she’s gone from a young, idealistic dreamer to a hardened, world-worn dream killer. Athletic, strong… and oftentimes heartless.”

Y The Last Man is finally getting in front of cameras, FX on Hulu has announced the start of production. The series stars Diane Lane, Ashley Romans, Ben Schnetzer, Olivia Thirlby, Amber Tamblyn, Marin Ireland, Diana Bang, Elliot Fletcher and Julianna Canfield. Unquote No word on when the series is expected to air

Doom Patrol’s second season is going to Blu-ray and DVD this January twenty sixth, 2021. The official press release says quote Get ready to embrace the strange. DC’s favorite misfit heroes are back to save the world once again with the release of Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray and DVD on January 26, 2021 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Strap yourself in for an exhilarating ride with all 9 episodes from the second season of the original DC series, plus enjoy the captivating extra features including two behind-the-scenes featurettes. Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season is priced to own at $29.98 SRP for the DVD ($39.99 in Canada) and $39.99 SRP for the Blu-ray ($44.98 in Canada), which includes a Digital Copy (U.S. only). Both sets have an order due date of December 22, 2020.DC's strangest group of Super Heroes are back again to save the world – that is if they can find a way to grow up…both figuratively and literally. Following the defeat of Mr. Nobody, the DOOM PATROL now find themselves mini-sized and stranded on Cliff's toy race car track. Here they begin to deal with their feelings of betrayal with Niles Caulder aka The Chief, while confronting their own personal baggage. As each Super Hero faces the challenge of moving beyond trauma and failure, they must come together to protect the newest family member, Niles’ daughter, whose powers remain a mysterious but real threat to bringing on the end of the world. Unquote Doom Patrol has been renewed for a third season on HBO Max, probably next year.

TV’s new Batwoman Ryan Wilder will not only debut on tv, but will also debut in the final issue of the Batwoman comic. The issue which will hit shops on October twenty seventh. A few preview pages show Ryan living out of a van and disillusioned with the system. It’s not apparent how the comics version of Ryan Wilder will be to the CW version.  Season two is expected in January.

Neil Gaiman has been teasing fans on the production of Netflix’s adaptation of Sandman. Speaking with Yahoo Gaiman said on watching the first footage from the show quote “I've been watching dailies, but nothing produced the profound, emotional reaction on me that watching a camera test of our Morpheus in his glass prison did. I saw him and said, ‘Oh, this is Sandman.” unquote he also tased some of the stories that would be in season one including 24 hours, Dream a Little Dream of Me, A hope in Hell and Collectors, he also promised that the show would be scary quote “It will be scary,” “But it will be lots of other things, too, because the joy of Sandman is that it’s a lot of different things in the soup, and you can taste all the flavors.” unquote  no official release date for the series has been announced, but it seems to be aimed at late 2021, early 2022.

The new Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali is moving toward the writing stage. The Hollywood reporter reports that Marvel is looking for writers saying quote "Current projects that studios are hoping to populate with Black behind-the-camera talent include Marvel's Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali, which is looking for writers," unquote The current wisdom is that Blade will be aimed at the October of 2022, but in this time of CoVid, that is subject to change. Hopefully they can get Wesley Snipes in for a cameo.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie says that shooting during a pandemic is kinda hard. The series was in the middle of shooting when the pandemic hit, now six months later their back filming in the Czech Republic with health and safety protocols in place. Mackie told Entertainment Weekly quote "Everybody's very afraid of each other. The food is bad because they have to pack it up somewhere else and bring it to us in Ziploc bags. Yeah, it's awful," "You're literally living in quarantine. It's not like the NBA bubble where they had a barbershop and friends to hang out with."

"No, if you get within six feet of somebody, there's some little Czech dude coming and poking you with a stick saying, 'You have to move,'" "So it's rough." unquote The short six episode series was originally going to be the first Marvel Studios series out of the gate, but not Wand Vision Will be.  The show will be out in early 2021.

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the ten Rings has wrapped up principal photography in Australia. Filmmaker Destin Creeton celebrated the fack with an Instagram photo. And the words We. Are. Wrapped. Not to be out down star Simu Liu followed up with a post of his own of him and Creeton saying quote "We made a baby!" "We can't wait to introduce him to the world in 9 months..." unquote The Marvel movie is due out on July ninth, 2021.

Some big news concerning the Moon Knight series, first it was reported that Star Wars star Oscar Isaac was in talks to play the role of Moon Knight/Marc Spector and now it’s being reported that Mohamed Diab has been tapped to direct the series. Diab’s work includes the 2016 Cannes Film Festival’s Clash and Cairo 678 Both are the highest grossing Eqyptian and Arabic titles of all time  No official announcement on either Oscar Isaac or Mohamed Diab has been forthcoming.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary is stepping in to help your grammar, specifically how do you say the plural of Cyclops . Here’s their post quote "Unlike most rules of pluralization, the plural of Cyclops is Cyclopes. Instead of adding es to Cyclops, the plural is adapted from the Latin based singular Ciclope or Cyclope, and thus the plural became Cyclopes."
"With that grammar laid out, the plural of Cyclops, which is a proper noun ending in -s that denotes a mythical giant creature, should be either Cyclopses or Cyclops—but usage evidence doesn't concur. The most common plural form of Cyclops (which is now frequently found in lowercase) is Cyclopes (pronounced \sye-KLOH-peez\)." unquote So there you have it, you now know what to call a bunch of different versions of Cyclops that show up in an X-Man crossover.

Ryah Reynolds picked a hell of a year to get to vote for the first time in America. Ryan and his wife Blake Lively showed off with smiles and a photo of Instagram with the caption quote This is my first time voting in America. I’d like to thank my wife Blake for making my first time so gentle and loving. It was super scary at first, than exciting and now I’m a little tired. But proud. #VoteEarly unquote  His new movie Free Guy is due in theaters on December eleventh.

The Willow sequel series has been officially given the greenlight. The series will have Willow director Ron Howard as executive producer with Warwick Davis back as hero Willow Ufgood. Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu has been tapped to direct the pilot and executive produce. Jonathan Kasdan and Wendy Mericle will serve as show runners.

Quibi the short form video series provider is shutting down. The startup raised two billion in initial funding but never found an audience.  The service launched in April just in time for the pandemic and never really got out of the blocks, even though the app had been downloaded about 9.6 million times since launch, Quibi founders Meg Whitman and Jeffery Katzenberg in a statement said quote Because the idea itself wasn't strong enough to justify a stand-alone streaming service or because of our timing. Unfortunately, we will never know, but we suspect it’s been a combination of the two.”unquote 

FXX’s series Archer has been given a twelfth season. This news arrives before the last episode of the eleventh season.  FX president of Original Programming Nick Grad said quote"Archer is back in a big way this season, with viewership up as the Emmy Award-winning spy series returns to its roots and begins to plot a 12th season next year," "Our thanks to [executive producers] Adam Reed, Matt Thompson, Casey Willis and the entire team at Floyd County Productions for keeping Archer as fun as ever and true to form. Together with its unbelievable voice cast, Archer is set to give fans another great season." unquote   Viewership for the first five episodes of the season were up 32 percent over season ten. 

Seth McFarlane and Danny McBride are bringing tv a Burt Renyolds movie from the seventies. Smokey And The Bandit  will come from the writing team of David Gordon Green and Brian Brandon James of Rough House Pictures with Danny McBridge, Jody Hill,  and Seth McFarlane, and Erica Huggins of Fuzzy Door teaming up to bring this show to life. No network has been named.

Muppet Babies are going to court. Disney is being sued by Jeffrey Scott, a tv screenwriter of many eighties shows. He alleges that the new Muppet Babies show was created by Disney misappropriates elements from the original Muppet Babies production bible he created and he says he owns. 

According to the complaint filed in California Federal Court. Back in 1983, Muppet Babies, which was produced by Marvel Productions and The Jim Henson Company contracted Mister Scott ro to help with the creation of the show, he got twelve thousand per scrip plus a royalty of $3500 for each new episode plaus a Developed for television by credit. The complaint reads quote 
"Scott is the registered owner of the copyright in the Muppet Babies production bible," states the complaint. "The Muppet Babies Production Bible created the show’s nursery setting, the child versions of the characters, the mix of entertainment and education, and the blueprint for its stories. Scott created, developed and refined character traits, running gags associated with each character, and the characters’ relationships with each other." unquote Scott also claims that the character of Nanny was his creation and the setting of the nursery too. Scott is claiming copyright infringement, breach of contract (stemming from his '80s deal), breach of implied contract (arising from the alleged agreement for compensation for his recent idea submissions), and fraud. We will keep an eye on this for any future developments.

Rick and Morty co creator Dan Harmon speaking at the digital version of the PaleyFest said that the Clone Beth mystery will play a major role in season five. He said quote You know as much as Rick knows," "I don’t want to keep secrets with the audience. She’s Schrodinger’s Beth right now. The fact she may or may not be a clone is actually the important thing. It’s the profound revelation about Rick’s commitment to non-commitment and how abusive that can be as a parent. That is the important thing here. We’re adding aunts to the family. We’re having fun looking at more options with space Beth." unquote It also looks like The Vat of Acid episode has broken Morty of his obsession with Jessica, he said quote “There’s an episode in Season 5 where Morty has a relationship with another female character that’s not Jessica. It’s a great little story and my longtime friend and collaborator John Schrab wrote it. [Schrab] has a natural directorial instinct. He also is a tender writer, like a very juvenile John Hughes. He feels heartache on a level that a man his age shouldn’t. There’s an episode in Season 5 that my Emmy is going to,” unquote 

Paramount has moved the animated movie Rumble from January nineteenth to May 14, 2021. THe movie, from Paramount Animation and WWE Studios is based on the graphic novel by Rob Harrel, is set in a world where monster wrestling is a global sport and monsters are superstar athletes.  The movie features the voice talents of Geraldine Viswanathan, Will Arnett, 
Terry Crews , WWEsuperstars Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns Tony Danza, Stephen A. Smith, Jimmy Tatro, Ben Schwartz and Michael Buffer.

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is getting a big screen adaptation. The movie is based  on the Image comics comic book series from Justin Jordan and Tradd moore. THe movie will be produced by Allnighter’s Dinesh Shamdasani, Hunter Gorinson and Amanda Kruse. Justin Jordan is currently working on the screenplay. In the press release Justin said quote "Luther Strode remains one of my very favorite things I've ever worked on and getting the chance to bring it to a new audience as a film is exciting beyond belief," said Justin Jordan. "Especially since Allnighter is dedicated to staying true to all of the foundations – from the tone to the mythology, and, of course, the kinetic action exemplified by Tradd’s artwork – that people have loved about the comic." unquote  

HBO Man and Cartoon Network are reviving Tiny Toon Adventures for the streaming service. Steven Speilberg will executive produce Tiny Toons Looniversity, the show will follow the characters minus Elmyra Duff, as they go to Acme Looniversity (in other words, the same stuff they did in the original show. Amblin TV’s Co Presidents Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank said about the reboot quote “These smart, hilarious and cheeky characters have left an indelible impression on the childhoods of so many. We’re thrilled to be able to continue our relationship with Warner Bros. Animation, HBO Max and Cartoon Network to reimagine the Tiny Toons for new audiences, and we know that fans of the original series will be just as excited to share the show with their children as they will be to revisit a childhood favorite.” unquoteThe reason for Elmyra being left out is not known, the word that she was being left out was broken my Elmyra original voice actor Cree Williams,she tweeted quote "I just got the word that ELMYRA will NOT be included in the Tiny Toons reboot." unquote There are several possible reasons for her exclusion, perhaps it’s because her rights are tied up with Pinky and The Brain or the fact that her character is associated with Elmer Fudd. Who knows. 

Sony is in talks to buy Anime streaming service Crunchyroll rom WarnerMedia, Sony reportedly will spend 957 million dollars for the service, that’s hundreds of millions more than they paid for Funimation in 2017. This deal would give Sony a near streaming monopoly over Anime. Cruncyroll has around 70 million subscribers worldwide.

Bette Midler says that she, Sarah Jessica Parker adn Kathy Najimy will be reprising their roles for the Hocus Pocus sequel that Disney has been working on. Bette told Fox 5 New York that quote "They want to make a movie, they’ve asked us if we were interested and of course all of us said yes,""I’m game, I’m totally game." unquote There hasn’t been any official word about casting or story details. But with everything that’s been going on this year, that’s to be expected.

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