July 16, 2020

DC Director's Cut AGo-Go

DC Director's Cut AGo-Go
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On the comic book edition, Do you want to see Directors cuts of Batman Forever and Suicide Squad?,Marvel gets some Aliens and Predators and Beavis and Butthead reboot! All that and more on this edition of multiverse tonight.



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Tonight! More DC director’s cuts, How to introduce the Fantastic four to the MCU, and Beavis and Butthead return, all that and more on this comics edition of Multiverse tonight.

Hello and Welcome to Episode 85 of Multiverse Tonight, 


DC Fans, boosted by the announcement of the Snyder cut of Justice League are now pushing for a second goal, the release of David Ayer’s original cut of Suicide Squad. It also doesn’t hurt that David Ayer has been tweeting about it on twitter. In response to a fan asking if such a cut exists he said quote Cut definitely exists - you’ll need to ask @ATT and @hbomax to let it see the sunlight. Unquote It should be noted that it wouldn’t really change the story, it would pretty much just add more Jared Leto Joker to the movie. So do you see an Ayers cut coming to HBO max?

While we’re at it a lot of movies have been added to HBO Max this month including the Batman animated movies, the Blade Trilogy, Fantastic Four, the Green Lantern movies Emerald Knights and First Flight, Inkheart, The Justice League animated movies, Mad Max 2 and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Star Trek 2009, Space Jam Superman 1 to four and Superman returns, Watchmen the movie and more. Now if they could just get this on Amazon’s devices.

Last episode we talked about Joel Schumacher, according to writer and fellow podcaster Marc Bernardin of Fatman beyond, a director’s cut of Batman Forever exists, according to Marc that cut is 170 minutes long and it would have been a longer darker version than the lighter hearted movie that we got.  Bernardin told co host Kevin Smith quote ``I have it on pretty good authority that there exists in the Warner Bros. vault a 170-minute cut of Batman Forever," Bernardin told his co-host Kevin Smith. "I think that it went much deeper into his childhood psychosis and his mental blocks and that it was a more serious, darker version of that movie that was one of the first assemblies that Joel filed with the studio and they eventually cut it down because they were like 'it's too dark for kids. We gotta sell these Happy Meals, so maybe let's not invest ourselves in the trauma of childhood murder. We've got Jim Carrey, let him do some s--t.: unquote to which Kevin replied quote "In a world where Joel Schumacher just passed away , what an interesting, wonderful testimony that would be to his work, to get to see a totally different version of Batman Forever," unquote So who about it AT&T, maybe you’ll get some more eyes on HBO MAx with this one.

The Batman already has a spinoff tv series ordered by HBO Max. The series comes from director Matt Reeves and Terrence Winter and will be sent in the word Reeves is creating in the film with the intent of launching a new Batman Universe across multiple platforms. The show will quote build on the film’s examination of the anatomy of corruption in Gotham City. No word on when it will come out, but the movie it’s based on The Batman doesn’t hit theaters until October First, 2021.

Batwoman has found it’s new star, Javicia Leslie, late of the CBS series God Friended Me is set to replace Ruby Rose as the star of the show. IN a statement she said quote "I am extremely proud to be the first Black actress to play the iconic role of Batwoman on television, and as a bisexual woman, I am honored to join this groundbreaking show which has been such a trailblazer for the LGBTQ+ community," unquote Leslie will be playing a brand new ccrfor the show named Ryan Wilder who is quote "likable, messy, a little goofy and untamed," and nothing like Kate Kane, the woman who wore the Batsuit before her" and "not your stereotypical all-American hero." unquote Ryan is a former drug runner who now lives in a van. Unquote 


Marvel now has some more extraterrestrials in their arsenal. Marvel comics now has the rights to the Alien and Predator comic book franchises. These characters were formally held at Dark Horse, but given that Alien and Predator belong to Fox and Fox now exists under the Disney umbrella, it was only a matter of time. Marvel has not announced any official titles or creative teams but it is known that the Alien and Predator franchises will not be a part of the marvel universe proper but their own universe.  But come on, it’s only a matter of time before we see a Marvel vs Alien vs Predator crossover event.

Asa Butterfield could have been spider-man, but it was not to be. In an interview with Collider Asa said about being passed over, quote “Every so often there’s a part [that you really want] and it’s a script you love, and you kind of put your heart and soul into it, and you don’t get it," Butterfield told Collider. "And it is tough and it is sh-t, but I often find that something even better comes out of it at the end. And so in the case of Spider-Man, I did [Netflix's Sex Education], because I wouldn’t have been able to do both of those at the same time.” However he doesn’t look back quote“I think as an actor and going out for roles, there’s only so much you can do and everyone’s gonna have a different take on a part and look at a character in different ways, have a different sort of performance, and you kind of have to stick with what you think," he says. "And if that isn’t necessary in line with what the director and the producers want, then it’s like, there’s nothing you can do about that. You might just not be the right person, and that’s out of your hands. And that’s something I’ve learned, something that I think is great to help me kind of get over it. Because Tom did amazing things with Peter and he had an entirely different portrayal of him and I think it’s worked so well in the universe and in that part, and I don’t think I could do it. So I think all things work out in the end.”

So ever since the Fox/ Disney merger, we have been wondering how to merge the two cinematic universes. Marvel Studios Science Advisor has some ideas on how to introduce the Fantastic Four into the MCU via Black Panther. Clifford Johnson, a theoretical physicist and science advisor for the MCU movies told IndieWire quote “Wakanda and the Fantastic Four should connect at the beginning, and I know how to do it,” he began. Then he mentioned Black Panther’s scientist background in the comics “I think it would be a cool wink to the comics and another way to show diversity in science to have the entry point of the Fantastic Four into the Marvel cinematic universe happen because the Wakandans discover them in some extra dimension and bring them into the MCU,” “If they call me, I’m willing to go to town on that.”

“That is so my jam,” “Reed Richards was taking his team and they were going off into weird higher dimensions and stuff. That’s stuff we’re trying to understand now in real science, so I would love to have the opportunity to help them make that look great and to weave that into a story.” unquote

Perhaps they should change the origin story slightly and have the Richards be a Wakandan family, I don't think changing their race would be a problem. Might even make for a more interesting story.

Marvel Entertainment announced a new multi-year deal with Scholastic to release a series of original graphic novels starring Marvel characters, the books will be released under Scholastics Graphix Media imprint. The first book in the deal will be Miles Morales: Shock Waves by Justin A Reynolds with art by Pablo Leon. Future books include a Kamala Khan story from Nadia Shammas and a Shuri story by Roseanne A Brown.


Is going virtual for it’s 2020 edition.Dragon ocm con announced quote "We are heartbroken to make this announcement, but do so with the support of you, our fans, our partners, the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau Main Office, and City of Atlanta Government," it continued. "For that, we thank you. While we aren’t able to welcome you back in person this September, we will be taking our 2020 event virtual this Labor Day weekend with a free to the universe experience. Keep those calendars marked and stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks."  unquote Labor Day weekend is September third to the seventh

Speaking of virtual cons. Sideshow Collectibles, which often has it’s own booth at shows like San Diego Comic Con, will do it’s own online show this year. From July 20th to the 26th, to give gans an opportunity to engage with the sideshow teams and look at their virtual booth. Gans and collectors alike will have access to live HD streams of all the new product reveals and con exclusives. Sideshow’s Andy Smith said about it quote “The ‘Sideshow Con’ idea was really born from our sadness about the cancellation of the physical San Diego Comic-Con," Sideshow's Andy smith said. "We wanted to find a way of showcasing all of the new products that Sideshow and our partners are unveiling this year, but also to try and bring all of the engagement, discussion, interaction, love, and enthusiasm of an in-person event to this venture. We decided to build a physical real-world Sideshow booth space, and we’re filling it with new and never before seen (and fan favorite) products from Sideshow as well as our brand partners like Hot Toys, PCS Collectibles, DC Direct, Prime 1, and more. All of this will enhance our annual online experience we offer to fans." unquote . The items on the booth will change from day to day. To find out more, head over to Sideshows home page, the link is in the show notes.https://sideshow.te8rfv.net/c/159047/503067/8650?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sideshow.com%2Fevents%2Fsideshow-con-2020&subid1=comicbook10

A Spinoff to the Mission Hill animated series is in the works. Mission Hill, which originally ran on the WB at the end of the last century before being cancelled and run on Adult Swim. Creatr Bill Oakley announced the series on twitter quoteMISSION HILL FANS: FYI 


 are working on bringing the show back and are taking it out to buyers soon. The new show takes place about six months after the original series ended (so 2000) and there is more Gus & Wally which is why it is tentatively titled GUS & WALLY. Unquote Bill got such a great response from fans on Twitter that he posted quote Thank you all for this enthusiasm! And thank you to those of you who want to work on the show! Right now it is just me and Josh and the studio and this 6 page document but if @hbomax,@netflix,@hulu or@adultswim wants to make a pre-emptive offer based on this thread, awesome! Unquote So far no takers…

Beavis and ButtHead are making a comeback. Comedy Central and series creator Mike Judge are teaming up to bring the duo to two new seasons and spinoffs and specials. Mr. Judge will write, produce and voice the show which will see the pair deal with the GenZ world. Mike Judge in a statement said quote "It seemed like the time was right to get stupid again," unqoute No word on when the show is expected to debut.

Jason Mamoa is getting cold. Deadline reports that Warner Bros and Stampede Ventres are making a live action Frosty the Snowman featuring the voice of Jason Momoa as Frosty.  Jon Berg and Greg Silverman, Geoff Johns, Roy Lee and Mr. Mamoa will produce the film with David Berenbaum writing the script. Frosty will be a CGI effect in the film. No timetable for the release, I’m gonna guess Christmas 2022?

It has not been a happy reunion between Diamond Comic Disttributors and comic book shop owners.  According to the Hollywood reporter, stores are reporting that they're being charged more for shipping which is eating into their meger profits.. The Hollywood reporter has learned that this is partially because of a relatively new policy that sees orders divided up into smaller shipments, which leads to more charades. Brain Hibbs, the owner of a store in San Francisco expressed in an email quote "I was paying roughly 6 percent of wholesale on shipping from Diamond pre-[pandemic]. ... This has raised up to approximately 10 percent, and we've had single weeks rise as high as 25 percent," unquote Diamond denied that it was the cause of the shipping costs and that it was the publishers fault for not publishing enough. I won’t go into the rest of the article, needless to say it’s a fascinating article and I’ll have a link to it in the show notes.https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/comic-stores-diamond-distributors-clash-as-industry-reopens-1301472

I’m afraid that this might be another nail in the coffin of the comic book retailer industry.

I’d like to close tonight paying tribute to the late Carl Reiner who just passed away at the age of 98. If your young and asking who’s that. You’ll know is voice from 2019’s Toy Story 4, he was Carl Reineroceros. He has also cameoed on dozens of shows, Justice League Action, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, The Cleveland Show, House, The Bernie Mac Show, King of the Hill, and many more.   For those of us that were older, he’s the creator and main writer and occasional guest star of the Dick Van Dyke show. He also directed The Jerk, the Man with two Brains, All of Me, Oh God! He is also the father of Rob Reiner. He passed away from natural causes.

And that brings us to the end of the comic book news. *Show Ender*

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